miniature guitar

The Complete Wooden Toys Manufacturer, export to US & Europe countries : toys, wooden toys, wood toys,
handcrafted toys, handmade toys, wooden train, toy cars, toy trucks, wood kits, childrens toys, childrens gifts,etc.

rokcing horse
Makers of fine hand crafted Wooden Rocking Horse
Excellent for christmas and birthday gift for children and toddlers and will be cherished for many generations to come.
Kiln dried mahogany, high standard metal stirrup, leather saddal, real horse hair and with stained color finishing
Knock down design so that it is asey to carry Knock down design so that it is asey to carry


miniature handicraft
The site where you can find many kinds of miniature furniture souvenirs, all are wooden handicraft :
bycycle, aircraft, cabinet, car, cart, chair, clock, lamp, locomotive, motorcycle, pedicab, porcelain, ship and miscellaneous.

chess manufacturer
Manufacturer and exporter of wooden chess set with quality satisfaction.
Produces : chess sets, chess pieces - chess boards - chess table - hand carved chess - decorative chess set


outdoor chess
Outdoor chess set for gardens, parks, resorts, hotels, schools, campgrounds, back yard, chess club, decoration and community centres.
Have variety size for outdoor playing : from 16" to 72" king tall, also have 8" and 12" wooden chess for indoor or for table.

miniature guitar
Manufacturer of Miniature music instruments : miniature guitar, violin, drum and miniature piano.
World leader in the supply of miniature guitars and other miniature music instruments. Wholesale Prices.


handicraft indonesia
Wholesale Handicrafts : Wooden CD rack, Bamboo whistles, Creative wooden toys, Indian Mask, Totem Poles,
Wooden Ashtray, Natural pencil, Natural photo album, Necklace beads, Earring, Bracelets, Key ring, etc

bali handicraft provides affordable,customized arts and crafts ranging from home accessories, handicraft to furniture :
unique photo albums handmade from recycle paper materials, wood carving, album supplier, banana leaf,
ethnic mask, coconut shell, paper flower, cd rack and more.


wooden trophy
Supply and export engraved Wooden Trophy, designer Wooden Trophy, decorative Wooden Trophy, corporate Wooden Trophy
and business Wooden Trophy, exports Wooden awards, Wooden mementos and Wooden nameplates.
Famous design are for Sport Trophies : Football - Soccer , Tennis , Golf , Chess , Crown , Super Bowl , Basketball , Baseball and more !



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